Reglaze Your Glasses with
Zeiss SmartLife Progressive Lenses

zeiss smartlife progressive lenses

Why Choose Zeiss SmartLife
Progressive Lenses?

At Lenses-in-Glasses, we provide our customers with a wide range of premium lenses from the top manufacturers. But why choose Zeiss SmartLife Progressive Lenses?

ZEISS SmartLife Progressive Lenses are designed to meet the vision needs of people with presbyopia with a connected and on-the-move lifestyle. These lenses are scientifically proven to enable peripheral vision in natural dynamic interaction.

The optical performance in the lens periphery is designed for frequent changes of head and eye position driven by how people interact with their handheld devices. This new design fingerprint provides a smoother transition into the lens periphery with less perceived blur to enable peripheral vision in natural dynamic interaction.

In short, it’s the perfect lens solution for an on-the-go lifestyle.

Prices start from £235  |  See our full range of Zeiss SmartLife prices here

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Zeiss Smartlife are available as part of the full range of Zeiss lenses available, including Zeiss Drivesafe lenses

See our Drivesafe lenses here

Why do Zeiss Smartlife Progressives
stand out from other varifocals?

The advanced technology of ZEISS progressive lenses gives a thinner, lighter lens with a wider field of vision alongside perfect optics with no distortions.
ZEISS continues to evolve the science of optics to create a higher level of clarity in eyewear that is completely personalized to your vision and lifestyle.

Zeiss Smartlife Progressive lenses are made with Digital Inside technology which is a new approach to lens design that accounts for the typical reading position of digital devices. The near zone is extended vertically and horizontally for comfortable reading of any media, whether print or digital.

Unlike conventional progressives Zeiss use Luminance Design technology when producing their Smartlife Progressives. Luminance Design technology factors in your pupil size with varying light conditions for all day wear. The result is more natural vision and greater clarity in both bright and low light conditions.

zeiss smartlife progressive lenses

Why is Zeiss Smartlife Individual
the perfect lens for you?

Zeiss IndividualFit technology ensures your lens is an ideal fit for you.
With Zeiss Smartlife Individual your lens can be tailored to suit you and your lifestyle.


Smartlife Individual Balanced
Balanced distance, intermediate, and near zones.

  • Ideal for you if you would like the best vision possible for all distance use.
  • Perfect if your daily activities don’t use a particular viewing zone more often.


Smartlife Individual Intermediate
Up to 25% larger Intermediate zone

  • Ideal if you often require middle viewing for computer work for example.
  • Perfect if you need dynamic vision for activities such as sports or driving.


Smartlife Individual Near
Up to 30% larger near zone

  • Ideal if you often engage in activities such as reading, hobbies or precise work within 60cm.



IndividualFit Technology

Best natural vision for daily activities


FaceFit Technology

Optimized for the individual position of wear to maximize lens zones

Adaption Control Technology

Faster adaptation to new lenses

FrameFit+ Technology

Suitable for most frame sizes and shapes

Digital Inside Technology

Optimized near zone for better reading on digital devices

Luminance Design Technology

Best natural vision for day and night

SmartView Technology

Optimized for todays on the go lifestyle

Rx Customization

Customized to your prescription for wider fields of view

Better vision with Zeiss Duravision
Premium lens Coatings


Zeiss are market leaders in producing durable Anti-reflective coatings with full UV protection.

All our Zeiss lenses have the added benefit of Zeiss Duravision Platinum UV coating.

Duravision BlueProtect UV is also available if you would like added protection from harmful blue light.

As standard Zeiss lenses with Duravision Premium lens coatings have full UV protection applied to the back surface of the lens as well as the front surface.

This gives sunglass level of UV protection across the whole range of Zeiss lenses including clear lenses.

Duravision Premium coatings feature enhanced lens hardness and anti reflective properties, as well as a surface that is dirt resistant and easier to clean.

Benefits of Zeiss Duravision Platinum Coating

benefits checkmark

Market leading durability for better damage resistance

benefits checkmark

Dirt resistance keeps lenses cleaner for longer

benefits checkmark

Greater clarity with reduced reflections and clearer vision

The Trusted Solution for
Zeiss SmartLife Progressive Lenses

At Lenses-in-Glasses, our expert technicians have decades of combined experience working with premium lenses including Zeiss SmartLife Progressive Lenses.

We can fit ZEISS lenses to rimless frames including LINDBERG, Silhouette and Tag, full-rim branded frames including Tom Ford, Ray-Bans, Prada and Oakley, and all other branded or non-branded eyewear.

We provide a fast, convenient and affordable service, always meeting the high standards you rightly expect.

Start today by ordering your free pack to see how easy reglazing your glasses can be.

Our Happy Zeiss Customers

We Make Reglazing Your Glasses Easy

Our process for reglazing your glasses is quick, easy and completely safe, so you can choose us with complete peace of mind.

  1. Order your FREE box, and we’ll send it to your address.
  2. Firmly place your glasses into the box, then send them back.
  3. Once we receive your glasses, we’ll contact you to discuss your options. When the reglazing is complete, we’ll send your glasses back safely and securely via Recorded Delivery.

It’s not only incredibly convenient but safe and secure for your glasses, because your peace of mind is our priority.

The Reglazing Experts
You Can Trust

When choosing how to get your glasses reglazed with Zeiss SmartLife Progressive Lenses, you can trust the team at Lenses-in-Glasses. We have a team of expert technicians who have been reglazing glasses for years using cutting-edge technology in our state-of-the-art laboratory.

We care for your glasses every step of the way because we know how important they are to you, and the result is complete peace of mind for our customers from start to finish.

Customer Reviews

Our customer reviews speak for themselves. We are always striving to provide the best service possible, and you can see the results for yourself below.

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If you’ve only used a high-street optician in the past, you may be cautious about using an online service. But choosing Lenses-in-Glasses has several advantages.

You can do everything from the comfort of your own home without the need to visit an optician. There are also significant cost savings to enjoy because our process allows us to make large savings that we then pass onto you.

Our prices are also completely transparent. There are no hidden costs, so you know exactly what to expect.