Replacement Single Vision Lenses

If you need to reglaze your glasses with single vision lenses, we make it easy for you at Lenses-in-Glasses

Now, you don’t even have to leave your home. Try our service for yourself today and see how easy and affordable it can be to replace your single vision lenses.

We Replace All Single Vision Lenses

Single vision lenses are designed for use at a single working distance, and we can reglaze your glasses with any type of single vision lenses you require:

  • Close Work – for reading, sewing and knitting
  • Intermediate Vision – for using computers or cooking
  • Distance Vision – for everything from watching TV to driving

You may have special single vision lenses like polarised lenses that reduce glare using a unique filter. Or you may require transition lenses that can be used both indoors and outdoors and provide UVA and UVB protection.

Whatever single vision lenses you need, order your free pack today and we will reglaze your glasses quickly, conveniently and safely.

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Fast, Convenient
& Secure Replacements

We’ve made it easier than ever to reglaze your single vision lenses with our simple and efficient process that is also highly secure for your complete peace of mind.

Simply request your box, pack your frames and send it back, and we’ll reframe your glasses quickly and securely. It’s much easier than going to a high-street optician, and you don’t even have to leave your home

3 Simple Steps to
Replace Single Vision Lenses

We have a quick and simple process for reglazing your glasses with Nikon lenses.

  1. Order your FREE box, and we’ll send it directly to your address.
  2. Firmly place your glasses into the box, then send them back.
  3. Once we receive your glasses, we’ll contact you to discuss your options. When the reglazing is complete, we’ll send your glasses back safely and securely via Recorded Delivery.

It’s simple, convenient and safe for your complete peace of mind.

Single Vision Lenses for Any Frames

No matter what type of frames you have, we can fit single vision lenses to them. We work with all the top brands including Oakley, Ray-Ban, Emporio Armani, Lindberg, Prada, Tag Heuer, Michael Kors and Silhouette.

replacement single vision lenses UK
replacement new single vision lenses

We’ll Look After Your Glasses

We know how precious your glasses are, so we’ll look after them carefully throughout the process. Our experienced technicians have reglazed glasses for years, and they have decades of combined experience so you can enjoy peace of mind when you leave your glasses with us.

Because we provide an online service, we can also offer important cost savings. So you can enjoy all the same options as you would get in a high-street optician but at a lower price.

Our Happy Customers

Replace Your Single Vision Lenses

If you want to reglaze your glasses with single vision lenses, start here today. It’s simple, easy and affordable when you choose Lenses-in-Glasses. Request your free pack and see for yourself.


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To Get Started

Simply fill out our online form and we will send you out a prepaid Free post box to put your frames in.

Image of a pair of glasses being placed into a return postage box - step 2 of getting replacement lenses


Post Your Glasses

When your pack arrives, simply put your frames in the box and post them back to us, safe, fast and FREE with no fuss and no obligation.

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We Fit New Lenses

When your frames arrive we’ll contact you to discuss your new lens options. Once your lenses have been fitted, we will return your glasses with insured and signed for delivery.