Reglaze your Glasses with
Occupational Lenses

What are Occupational lenses?

Occupational lenses are designed to be worn while performing your ‘occupation’.

This includes all jobs and hobbies that require close-up work and the ability to see further ahead.

Why choose Occupational lenses?

They provide more comfortable near and intermediate vision with minimal distortion due to a wider reading and intermediate area. This also limits the head and neck movement required for clear vision.

Occupational lenses are designed primarily for use in an office-type environment and are sometimes known as “office lenses“.

Occupational lenses can help reduce eye fatigue and improve posture in the office environment.

Prior to occupational lenses, people would wear reading glasses and need to get very close to the computer screen or, in the case of progressive lenses, had to raise their heads to see through the lower section

What is the difference
between Occupational lenses
and Varifocal lenses?

Occupational lenses (or degressive lenses) are similar to varifocal lenses but they don’t have a long-distance prescription at the top of the lens. Occupational lenses blend from a mid-distance at the top of the lens to a reading section at the bottom portion of the lens to give a larger area for closer tasks than varifocal lenses, this eliminates the need to raise the head upwards.

Due to Occupational lenses having no distance area these lenses are not suitable for driving.

Why choose Occupational lenses?



Occupational lens with a range of up to 1.3m.
Perfect for close work and computer use.



Occupational lens with a range of up to 2m.
Perfect if you require improved clarity across a desk.



Occupational lens with a range of up to 4m.
Perfect if you require clear vision slightly further than your desk to allow you to look around the room.

Are Occupational lenses only
for the office environment?

Although Occupational lenses are designed primarily for use in an office type environment, they can be useful for other tasks and occupations .
For instance, a mechanic who needs to see the underside of a car when it’s above his head on the hydraulic lift but also needs to see the smallest nuts and bolts without changing their glasses.

There are many professionals that can benefit from wearing occupational lenses such as hairdressers, shop assistants, cooks, receptionists, musicians and teachers to name but a few.

Occupational lens coatings

All our occupational lenses have the added benefit of our recommended Anti-Scratch & Anti-Glare coating with UV protection.

If you are wearing your glasses for office use or are spending time looking at screens or digital devices you may wish to have our Blue Protect coating added to your occupational lenses.

Find out more about the benefits of Blue Protect coating

If you are experiencing eye fatigue whilst working under artificial light our Mesh Technology coating could be the choice to help combat this problem.

Find out more about the benefits of Mesh Technology coating

Occupational lenses are also available from premium brands such as Nikon, Essilor and Hoya for example.


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