Progressive Lenses for the modern Lifestyle

Progressive Lenses for the modern Lifestyle

Progressive lenses have been designed to avoid the hassle of constantly having to remove one pair of spectacles for another. But, even some progressive lenses have their limitations as blurring can still occur when using peripheral vision. Here are a few examples:

  • You’re in the kitchen preparing a meal. As you chop the veg, you need to follow the recipe on the tablet a foot or so away. Most of us would prefer not to have to constantly raise our heads to read the recipe, but simply lift our eyes and look through the uppermost part of our lenses. However, constant head movement is generally unavoidable with standard progressive lenses.
  • You’re in a business meeting, sitting at the end of the board room table watching the presentation on the screen at the far end of the room. Your colleagues are sitting on either side of the table, but you find that the ones closest to you at either side are blurred.
  • You still need to take your glasses off sometimes when leaving your desk.

We spend over 90% of our time indoors either at home or at work and Nikon have developed an advanced range of lenses to deliver the ultimate clarity for day to day living – the range is called Home & Office Neo.

Progressive Lenses for the Home and Office   

Nikon’s Home & Office Neo lenses can be fitted to your existing spectacle frames and come in three different power distributions to suit your lifestyle – Standard. Long, and Wide:

Standard Distribution

For most home and office lifestyle needs. Suitable for near vision demands such as computer work, mid vision for general needs and far vision. Examples at home would be watching TV, reading and general day to day life. At work, Standard Home & Office Neo lenses would be for people who spend time in meetings and working on presentations.

Nikon Home & Office Neo standard distribution lenses – for general purpose all-day wear

Long Distribution

Designed for people who use their far vision the most, but still need to work at a computer occasionally. At leisure this cover activities and hobbies such as hill-walking and gardening. at work they’re perfect for people in an open-plan office.

Nikon Home & Office Neo long distribution lenses – total clarity for hill-walkers

Wide Distribution

For spectacle wearers who spend most of their time sitting down or at their desk, but still need to keep the same pair of glasses on for general activities such as cooking.

Nikon Home & Office Neo wide distribution lenses – perfect for those who spend long periods of time at their desk

Find out more on Nikon’s advanced Home & Office Neo progressive lenses here. Or, contact Lenses in Glasses for details on how we can fit them to your favourite spectacles.

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