What Should You Do With Your Old Glasses?

What Should You Do With Your Old Glasses?

When you have your new eye test and get new glasses what do you do with your current pair? Bin them? Throw them in a drawer never to be seen again?

It is said that around three-quarters of the population require vision correction whether it be spectacles or contact lenses. Imagine the waste if that many people were sending their old frames to landfill or leaving perfectly wearable frames to lie in a drawer! Let us give you some alternative suggestions as to how you could recycle or reuse your old frames…


  1. If your glasses are still in good condition but you fancy a change why not sell them on to be used and loved by someone else? We can provide you with clear or tinted nonprescription lenses to allow you to do this. We can also add new nose pads to ensure your frames are in tip-top shape for selling. Websites like eBay and Depop are perfect for selling your old or used frames.
  2. Or if you’re feeling generous you could donate your old glasses by handing them to your Opticians who will pass them on to charities, where someone less fortunate will be so grateful you decided to recycle. Charities like Vision Aid Overseas aim to provide affordable glasses and eye care for those in need, they do this with help from people like you recycling your old and used frames.
  3. Alternatively, if you know someone who is struggling financially but needs new glasses, why not offer your family and friends your old glasses? They may appreciate you offering your glasses to them, especially if they have complimented them before!
  4. Are your glasses a bit out there? They may be perfect for fancy dress! Hold onto them in your fancy dress section of your wardrobe, and one day you may be glad you did!
  5. Are you a creative person or looking for an affordable way to keep the kids entertained over the summer holidays? Why not incorporate your old frames, and even lenses, into some of your artwork? See some of our favourite Pinterest finds here.
  6. And finally. Our top suggestion would be to reglaze your old frames, with Lenses in Glasses of course! Reglaze your old frames to use as your main pair again or even to have as a spare pair! We would be happy to help you get more use out of your old or favourite frames. Replacement lenses start from £19.00 for single vision.

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