Tinted Lenses for Sports

Tinted Lenses for Sports

Summer of sports…which lenses suit which sports?

With a summer of sports already underway with football, Wimbledon and the Olympics it may be worth knowing a little about how lenses in glasses can provide you with the most suitable tinted lenses for your various sporting activities, from fishing to running there is a lens colour and tint that is suitable and will give you the best eye care and comfort possible whilst maximum sporting capability.



Amber and rose lens tints increase visual acuity and are highly recommended for cycling. They provide the brightest field of vision and are ideal for weak to no sunlight. Thanks to their strength in colour contrast, these tints are particularly recommended when cycling on roads.



Brown, copper, rose copper, and even amber lenses for low lighting. These tints enhance and separate colours, especially the bright hue of a tennis ball. Brown lenses have the added bonus of working for most types of light conditions. Yellow provide the maximum light transmission of any tinted lens. Yellow lenses improve contrast in low-light conditions and filter out some blue light. We recommend these (or clear lenses) for bright stadium-type lighting or any well-light nighttime games.



Amber, rose and gold all provide contrast enhancement which is a desired feature for this sport.



The best sunglass lens colour for golf is brown, dark amber, copper, or cinnamon. These four colours are going to give you sharp contrast on the fairway and greens but still allow you to follow the ball in the air



Vermillion and gold are perfect for skiing, snowboarding and other snow sports. They enhance contrasts in tricky, flat-light conditions.



Brown lenses are a good choice for improving contrast in most lighting conditions. For night running, runners should consider going with a yellow lens. It is the best at improving contrast in low light conditions. Pink lenses also improve contrast at night, but not as well as yellow.



Grey offers the best all-around vision when you’re on the water. It’s a colour that helps you see into deep water and enhances your perception. It also improves accuracy and offers better colour rendering.

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