Are Essilor Lenses Any Good?

Are Essilor Lenses Any Good?

With a choice of premium lenses available, the question we get often asked is – are Essilor lenses a good choice?; are they any good or better than other premium brands?

Essilor is a premium branded lens manufacturer in the optical industry, and they have one of the largest prescription lens portfolios available of all the lens manufacturers. We are proud to offer this as one of our premium lenses.

They are the innovators and pioneers of the first varifocal lenses and have over 60 years of experience in perfecting varifocal lenses. With 8 different ranges of varifocals available, there is one to suit every lifestyle requirement. Essilor continues to be at the forefront when it comes to lens manufacture technology.

Our most popular seller is the Varilux X Series. Varilux X series lenses deliver outstanding sharp, continuous, and fluid vision across all vision zones, so you can see near to far and everything in between, reducing the need for head movement.


Benefits of Essilor lenses

  • True vision
  • Easy to wear
  • Large reading area
  • Smooth visual adjustments
  • See clearly with just a glaze
  • Sharp vision
  • Comfortable vision


Why Essilor lenses are one of the best

Varilux X-Series lenses allow you to see near, far, and everything in between clearly and seamlessly. The X-Series is the best Varilux varifocal lens for sharpness and fluid vision when looking at something close to something far away, allowing you to keep up with your everyday needs.

Thanks to a breakthrough in optics, Varilux X-Series lenses can now offer you a more precise correction for your eyesight. AVA TM, Advance Vision Accuracy TM technology, can be integrated into your new lenses unlocking the full potential of your eyes.

This level of personalisation ensures that your Varilux X-Series lenses are unique to your visual needs and requirements to deliver the very best visual experience and eyesight correction. With this type of lens, you will never miss a moment.

Here at Lenses in Glasses we are experts in reglazing your glasses. We can fit all lenses from the Essilor portfolio from Single Vision to varifocal lenses including Varilux X-Series varifocal lenses.


Premium lens coating unique to Essilor

Essilor also has premium lens coatings such as Crizal Sapphire UV Coating which is  ‘An invisible shield that combines transparency and durability’ – Essilor.

With this coating, you benefit from anti-reflective, anti-scratch, easy clean and UV protective properties. This ensures your lenses are incredibly protected, clear, and easy to clean.

This coating is designed to improve your vision and meet your lifestyle needs, allowing you to see near to far and everything in between.

And all this from just £289.

So in our opinion, we think that Essilor lenses are one of the best premium lenses around and lots of our customers think so too.

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