Are Degressive (Office) Lenses Better Than Varifocals?

Are Degressive (Office) Lenses Better Than Varifocals?

In our opinion, as qualified Opticians, degressive lenses can be better than Varifocal lenses, let us tell you why…

Progressive lenses (otherwise known as Varifocals) allow you to see near, far, and everything in between. However, in some circumstances, mainly in ‘indoor settings’, they do not compare to degressive lenses (sometimes called office lenses or occupational lenses). This is because the ‘compromise’ on a traditional Varifocal means people often struggle with their computer and office environment.

This is where the degressive lens really outshines a standard varifocal. The degressive lenses still allow you to read and write but the top of the lens can be almost ‘customer built’ around a working distance that suits you whether it’s from your computer screen to your colleague at the next desk, or even up to the clock on the wall. This means degressive lenses really can have all your indoor/office environment covered.

What are Degressive (Office) lenses?

Degressive lenses are based primarily around the near vision and the intermediate vision, they are particularly useful for desk work, reading, knitting and more static occupations.

Why Office Lenses are best for computer work

Varifocal lenses are not ideal for close computer work. To look at your computer screen head adjustments are needed to tilt your head and hold it in position in order to keep your eyes in the intermediate zone which is located in the lower part of the lens. Of course, this is not comfortable and can cause neck and shoulder pain, which nobody wants. This is where degressive lenses take the lead. These are made to suit your personal work environment, taking into account the nature of your tasks, the distance between your eyes and your computer screen for example. This allows you to easily switch between your computer screen, paperwork and your colleagues, keeping a good posture and a natural head position making your work life more comfortable and relaxed.

Who else can benefit?

Degressive lenses are perfect for those who like to cook whilst using their favourite recipe book! Degressive lenses allow you to switch between reading your cookbook whether it be paper or an eBook to chopping your ingredients, allowing you to see everything clearly and sharp over several distances without having to adjust your head. These lenses are also great for those who enjoy knitting.

Make Life Easier at Home or Work!

Our degressive lenses are designed to make life easier for you whether it be at home or work. They are perfect for indoor use especially when completing the following tasks; desk work, reading, knitting or cooking. These lenses allow you to focus on your reading and intermediate vision. Do degressive lenses sound suitable for your requirements?

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