Digital technology equals digital eye strain

Digital technology equals digital eye strain

Digital technology has changed the way we live our lives. According to a recent Emarketer survey we now spend over 60% of our waking hours in front of a screen compared to 50% in 2011. We used to watch TV from a distance while glancing at a book or magazine in between times. Now, our vision must constantly adjust between our TV, tablet and smartphone. The result is an increase in digital eye strain affecting all age groups from the younger to the older generation.

What Causes Digital Eye Strain?

Without getting too technical, the light spectrum around us consists of a range of colours from ultra-violet and blue at one end to infra-red at the other. Ultra-violet and blue light emit shorter wavelengths than the red – and because they are shorter they have a higher emittance. Blue light disperses in the eyeball affecting contrast and adding to eye fatigue. Flat-screen, digital devices emit strong blue light waves and therefore contribute to higher levels of eye strain. This is further compounded by our eyes having to adjust constantly to different sizes of screen.

Blue light has a short wavelength and higher frequency than the other colours in the spectrum

Breaking Some Digital Habits

Well… that was the science bit, but what can we do about it? Digital technology is here to stay but we need to make some adjustments for the benefit of our health and well-being. One habit to break is viewing a smartphone or tablet in bed before going to sleep as the blue light can disrupt sleep patterns as well as causing eye fatigue. If you wear glasses, you can also invest in Nikon Relaxsee Neo lenses for your favourite spectacle frames.

Why Choose Nikon Relaxee Neo Lenses?

  • Using ‘Twin Technology’ Nikon Relaxee Neo lenses provides clear and sharp far vision using the uppermost part of the lens while the lower part of the lens allows for stress-free near vision.
  • By choosing the optional SeeBlue Blue Light Premium UV coating for your Relaxee Neo lenses, your eyes will be protected against blue light from your digital devices thereby delivering better contrast and less eye strain.
  • The lenses can be tailored to fit your existing frames
Twin Technology from Nikon

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