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Are Degressive (Office) Lenses Better Than Varifocals?

In our opinion, as qualified Opticians, degressive lenses can be better than Varifocal lenses, let us tell you why… Progressive lenses (otherwise known as Varifocals) allow you to see near,…

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What is Reglazing and Why Should I Reglaze?

What is reglazing? Reglazing your glasses is reusing your old, favourite or even a new frame and having your old prescription or scratched/damaged lenses replaced with your new prescription. We…

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What are Bifocal Lenses and how do they work?

It is said that Benjamin Franklin contributed to creating the very first bifocal lenses in 1784. Bifocals are most commonly prescribed to people who require a pair of glasses for…

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Are Essilor Lenses Any Good?

With a choice of premium lenses available, the question we get often asked is – are Essilor lenses a good choice?; are they any good or better than other premium…

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Male Icons in Glasses

Image above: Bono U2 360 Tour 2011 Author: Peter Neill License: CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons For those fame and celebrity information junkies here’s some interesting info on famous…

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Tinted Lenses for Sports

Summer of sports…which lenses suit which sports? With a summer of sports already underway with football, Wimbledon and the Olympics it may be worth knowing a little about how lenses…

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Doing YOUR bit for the future…. sustainability and lenses

This is a vision we are all familiar with seeing, plastic waste and single-use plastics are now everyday terms. So what can we do to help rectify this issue and…

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The wonders of eyes in nature!

Prehistoric animal lenses An ancient tower-eyed trilobite had dozens of calcite lenses. Calcite is a crystal, which in its optically transparent form, is present in many animal eye lenses, the…

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Why it Makes Sense to Use Blue Light Lenses

We all learned at school that light is made up of a spectrum of colours. We have all heard about UV light and its harmful effects. However, many people do…

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Healthy eating for healthy eyes

Hungry eyes… what to eat for healthier eyes. Here at lenses in glasses we can provide state of the art lenses to correct and protect your vision, but did you…

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A little history

For the fact junkies…a little history and some up to date “stuff” The first crude lenses occurred in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia; around 700BC they started polishing crystals (often quartz)…

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Digital technology equals digital eye strain

Digital technology has changed the way we live our lives. According to a recent Emarketer survey we now spend over 60% of our waking hours in front of a screen…

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Drive more safely with Zeiss Drivesafe glasses

Zeiss DriveSafe Lenses provide the perfect solution for drivers who want just one pair of spectacles for everyday use. Lenses-in-Glasses gives you the low-down on Zeiss DriveSafe Lenses and why…

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How to Choose Your New Spectacle Lenses

If you love your current spectacles, having them re-glazed – in other words having new lenses fitted – is a great way to get your eyewear upgraded without breaking the…

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