Reglaze your glasses with driving lenses
for safer driving

Don’t miss a thing on the road
with DRIVESENSE lenses

Designed for driving at all hours of the day and at night, Drivesense lenses help you focus both inside and outside the car.

Why You Might Need Drivesense Lenses

One out of three people has difficulty seeing distance at night due to night myopia. Drivesense single vision and varifocal lenses address this problem with a night vision zone within the lens to improve vision.

Improving your vision and safety when driving
Driving without your glasses can affect your hazard perception, increasing your chances of a collision. Worse still, it invalidates your insurance policy, so any damages you incur will not be covered. We recommend Drivesense lenses in your glasses with your most recent prescription fitted to ensure your safety on the road.
Whilst driving, you have two important visual zones, Intermediate vision is anything you can see with your arms extended, such as your speedometer, dashboard, or rear view mirror.

Distance is anything beyond arm’s length, so everything on the road ahead or behind you.
Drivesense lenses which aid these vision zones are your best option to help your vision whilst driving. These can be single vision or varifocal lenses, depending on your prescription.

Reduce glare whilst driving
All lenses in our Drivesense range have an anti-glare coating that is designed to reduce glare whilst driving and improve visual clarity.
Flashes of bright light can bounce off your lenses which can cause distraction and may cause you to miss potential hazards.
This could also lead to eyestrain.


  • For night-time driving, night vision zone reduces fatigue
  • Improved visual fields to reduce astigmatism and widen vision
  • Faster adaptation to lenses the eyes adjust almost immediately
  • Optimal eye movement and easy focus
  • Better visibility of the dashboard and external and internal mirrors


  • Anyone who has difficulty driving at night
  • Those who experience visual fatigue when driving
  • Drivers who spend a lot of time on the road
reglaze glasses with drive safe lenses
replacement drivesense lenses

Tailored for you

Our Drivesense lenses are available in various options to suit your requirements. Whether you are looking for lenses to wear for driving in general or lenses for night driving. Clear options can be combined with our Mesh Technology coating to enhance your driving experience.

Other options include Transitions, Polarised or XTRActive Transitions if you would prefer your lenses to react behind the windscreen.

Single Vision from £100.00
Varifocals from £100.00

If you would prefer your driving lenses to be Premium branded  Zeiss lenses, then we can also offer the full range of Zeiss Drivesafe lenses.

More information on Zeiss Drivesafe lenses can be found here


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