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Stylish young man wearing dark glasses

Sustainable Style: Reduce, Reuse, Replace Your Sunglasses Lenses

Think your scratched or outdated sunglasses are destined for the landfill? Think again! These days we are looking for more […]

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Beautiful smiling woman putting on glasses with replacement lenses

See Clearly, Live Vibrantly: Essential Tips for Healthy Eyes

Did you know that 78% of people stated that sight is the sense they fear losing the most? Whilst some […]

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Man skiing with polarised lenses glasses

Reglazing for Specialty Glasses: Focus on Activity Eyewear

Did you know that replacement lenses aren’t only for everyday glasses but can be put into sunglasses and glasses used […]

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Replacement Zeiss SmartLife Lenses vision range diagram

Upgrade Your Vision: Why Opt for Premium Lenses?

If you are considering getting new lenses for your glasses online, you are already choosing a better and cheaper way […]

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Smiling couple lying on grass in sunglasses with tinted lenses

Healthy Reasons to Reglaze Your Sunglasses with Prescription Lenses

If you use prescription glasses, have you considered using prescription sunglasses? It can be incredibly frustrating when you go outside […]

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Close up of reading glasses on newspaper

What Should You Do With Your Old Glasses?

When you have your new eye test and get new glasses what do you do with your current pair? Bin […]

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