Reglaze your glasses
with Blue Protect Lenses

Shield your eyes from harmful blue light, with replacement Blue Protect lenses

Advanced blue light lens technology

Prolonged exposure to high energy blue light can cause long term damage to your eyes with symptoms such as eye strain and headaches. Exposure to artificial blue light during naturally dark periods from computers television, smart phones or artificial lighting also affects the body’s production of a hormone called melatonin, which can disrupt natural sleeping patterns.

Blue Protect lenses shield your eyes by filtering out harmful blue light without distorting colour vision or disturbing positive light wavelengths Light entering the eye is more efficiently managed to lead to less eye strain and more comfortable viewing over longer periods of time.

Wearer Benefits

• Eyes are protected from the strain and damage linked to blue light

Reduced exposure at night helps to promote natural sleep patterns

Lenses stay cleaner for longer and are easier to clean

Better contrast gives more accurate colour and depth perception

Bright irritating glare is reduced, and reflections are eliminated


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To Get Started

Simply fill out our online form and we will send you out a prepaid Free post box to put your frames in.

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Post Your Glasses

When your pack arrives, simply put your frames in the box and post them back to us, safe, fast and FREE with no fuss and no obligation.


We Fit New Lenses

When your frames arrive we’ll contact you to discuss your new lens options. Once your lenses have been fitted, we will return your glasses with insured and signed for delivery.

Our Prices

We can glaze ALL lens and frame styles including Lindberg, Tag Heuer, Oakley, Silhouette and Ray-Ban. Need Help?
Call us on 0845 600 9985 or 0131 553 7727

Do you need to measure yourself for Varifocals?

You will need a non-permanent marker pen that will write on glass/plastic

​By yourself:
Step 1. Put on your frame and make sure that it is sitting in a comfortable position (where you would naturally wear your glasses).

Step 2. Make sure you are standing directly in front of a mirror, as close as possible, and hold the marker pen in front of you. Now close your right eye and bring the marker pen towards your left eye and simply place a small dot on the lens directly in front of the middle of your pupil.

Step 3. Now repeat the same process for the other eye.

Getting someone else to mark them:
Step 1. Put on your frame and make sure that it is sitting in a comfortable position (where you would naturally wear your glasses).

Step 2. Sit in a natural position such as a driving position.

Step 3. Get someone to sit opposite you, and ensure they are eye level with you.

Step 4. Look into the distance, as if you are looking through them, and get them to dot the lens with the marker pen precisely over the pupil.

Step 5. Repeat for the other eye.

If you currently wear Varifocals we can accurately duplicate the measurements from your own Varifocal lenses. Lenses in Glasses cannot be held responsible for measurements that are taken incorrectly by yourself. ​If you require help please contact us for advice.

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