Lenses in Glasses are part of the Spectacles Direct group and was founded in 2004 by David Syme who has 30 years of experience in the industry.

With many high street opticians being reluctant to put new lenses into existing glasses we wanted to offer a service which would allow customers to reglaze their existing spectacles and save them money in the process.


We are a UK based wholesale and manufacturing opticians and a leading supplier of prescription lenses offering you the same level of expertise, service and quality that you will find in any high street.

We specialise in reglazing most frame styles, including your Lindberg, Tag Heuer and Silhouette frames.

Lenses in Glasses have built an excellent reputation for first class customer care and service. It is this dedication that ensures our customers keep coming back.

Just pop your glasses in the box and post them. We do all the work, so you don’t have to!


When we receive your glasses we will phone you to discuss your options and only when we have agreed on your specification will we take payment. Payment can be taken by card through SagePay Secure or via PayPal.

We are a Varifocal Specialist Optician. We only use the highest quality lenses when fitting your new prescription to your eyewear. After discussing your needs we can tailor your new lenses based on your specification. This includes Bifocals, Single vision and Varifocal lenses such as Essilor S-Series, Physio and Varilux Comfort. All lenses are available in Polarised or transitions too.

Depending on your prescription we can also give options of thinner lenses such as 1.6, 1.67 and 1.74 hi-index lenses.

We know that the best lens designs and coatings optimise your eyesight which means you benefit from noticeably improved vision and reduced eye strain.

We also use the following brands: Essilor, Kodak, Zeiss, Hoya and Nikon.


We have our own lab and have invested heavily in state of the art equipment meaning all our lenses are cut with digital precision. All of our technicians are fully qualified and work on site to ensure we deliver the fastest possible service whilst retaining the highest quality.

By having our own lab we are able to pass the savings onto you and you don’t have to worry about your favourite frames being sent to a third party for glazing.


Step 1.

Fill out the ‘request a pack’ form and we’ll send you a Royal Mail free post box for your glasses.

Step 2.

When your pack arrives, put your frames in the box and post them back to us for FREE!

Step 3.

When your frames arrive we’ll contact you and discuss your new lens options.